Executive Profile

Our Team
An occasion can never completely be pulled off by a single individual. It takes the care and effort of an entire, motivated team to be able to craft not an event, but an experience that will not be forgotten by anyone who attends it. At Horizon WIE, we are blessed with a team that understands the diverse needs of our clients and crafts memorable solutions in the form of events for them.

Pawan Mirchandani: Managing Director
It takes a rather special kind of person to understand the intricacies of what goes into crafting a special memory for clients, and at Horizon WIE, the person who embodies this philosophy, is our managing director, Pawan Mirchandani.

A chef by vocation, he worked with some of the most renowned organisations in India and abroad, before starting this venture. It is his passion and tireless energy and enthusiasm, that is the source of all our inspiration. Closely involved with the understanding of a brief and translating it into a grand event, Mr. Mirchandani, strives to build lasting relationships with clients.

His zeal and infectious energy is the reason our entire team is motivated and always at
hand to deliver their best, to every event, to every client, every single time.

Jenifer Mirchandani: Director
Undoubtedly the creative spark of the organization, Jenifer Mirchandani is a woman on a mission. A mission to ensure that only the best, brightest and most beautiful touches, are both created and used in all our clients’ events. She began her journey in the business by starting off the company in 2006, and has since not looked back.

While she is most certainly involved with the overall functioning of the company, her strong suit is undoubtedly wedding decor and it shows. Nothing escapes her keen eye and she only selects the very best and most beautiful items that make all the difference to a wedding feast. Her involvement with weddings is complete and total. From helping choose the bridal trousseau, to  gifts and curios for the guests, from floral arrangements, to  wine trays, sweet boxes and other decor related items, her enthusiasm and meticulousness are the stuff of legends.

Jignesh Shah: Vice President
NIEM graduate with an experience of 9 years in the field of event and entertainment. He is one of the key founders of Horizon WIE. He has been very successful in these past years and has previously worked on some wonderful events. Throughout this journey he has managed to create a lifetime of memories for many wonderful people. Today, he strongly believes that food and décor aren’t the only important factors for weddings. In fact entertainment plays a major role too. He has managed an event where 1017 weddings took place on the same day (Mass Wedding). After managing this big event, he is confident of dealing any big events in the future. His passion for travel and events has brought him a long way in this industry.

Naveen Bakhru: Vice President
He is a master in the field of event and entertainment with an experience of over 10 years. Following his undeniable passion and zeal for events he moved from another company to Horizon Wie in the year 2009. Today, as an Associate Vice President of Horizon he aspires to set new benchmarks and achieve unprecedented heights in the event industry, both locally and internationally. He is a pure example of a Go Getter. He doesn’t rest until and unless the work is executed to perfection.  He is one person who is seriously efficient and at the same time easy to work with.