1. How soon should we contact you if we wish to hire your services?

It actually depends entirely on the scope of the wedding, whether it is national or international, how many number of guests are attending it, the more time we have on hand the better it is, the minimum time we have done a wedding on turn-key is 15 days, so it all depends on the over all scope.

2. How does Horizon manage Hospitality, F&B, Airport Transfers, decor etc all at the same time ?

At Horizon Wie we have a team who have had the experience in working at 5 star hotels in the front office department, F&B department thus being efficient enough to manage their given responsibilities. Our in-house core team handles decor & production.

3. Where all do you organize events?

We offer our services on a domestic and international level. Previously we have conducted events in places like Mumbai, Goa, Rajasthan, Delhi, Kashmir, Gujarat and other places in Southern India. We have also done events overseas in places like Srilanka, Thailand, Mauritius, Malaysia, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Dubai, Bali, United States, Mexico, Seychelles . We are open to manage events all over the globe.

4. How many people from your team will travel for the event ?

This depends on various factors like the number of guests, the venue, the number of days and the occasion. You can find this out while you book our services.

5. What are your management charges?

We do not charge on the basis of the wedding expenses, our charges are different and they are based on the services we offer. So the charges are flexible and mainly dependent on the services you hire.

6. Do you take up smaller events as well?

Yes we do. That’s where we started from 10 years back and so we haven’t forgotten our roots.

7. What types of events do you manage?

We take up weddings, corporate events, smaller and bigger parties, music concerts, fashion shows etc.

8. Can you guide us and give us your ideas about budgets?

Yes we do help our clients in planning the budget as well. Along with the event, we help you in many other areas that will make sure you have the best experience with us.

9. Will the team be present with us throughout the event?

Our team will abide by you right from the time we start planning the event to the end of the event. And will help you in every little thing & the same team who is present during the discussion will manage your event.