We at Horizon WIE, understand one simple fact, motivated employees work better and are assets to their firms. The business of motivation isn’t a simple one, but we know how it can impact your company’s performance.  This is why we partner with you on this seemingly complex task. Whether it is planning the nature of the incentives/rewards and recognition programmes, choosing the theme of the same, its logistics and execution, we are with you every step of the way.

It is our sincere belief that all things worth doing, are worth planning meticulously. With every brief we receive from our clients, we strategise, taking into consideration their needs, their own ideas and their unique requirements, and only then do we come up with a theme, a plan and a comprehensive way forward.

Each client comes to us with a different. While some clients prefer staging a really gala time, with music, fireworks, celebration, music and food, others prefer an off-site, often overseas, with a motivational, team-building exercise and illustrious guest speakers. Whatever be your unique need, we are always willing to help and ever ready to be of assistance.

·Destination identification
·Negotiations with hotel
·Travel Plan / Co-ordinating with travel Vendor
·Designing & Printing of Artwork / Stationery
·Menu Planning
·Team Building Sections
·Audio – Visuals
·Insurance & Legal Permission
·Budget Management
·Overall Coordination