Marriage is the most sacred of covenants two people enter into. But an Indian wedding is so much more. Sure it is a celebration of love, but it is also the celebration of the bond forged between two families and the beginning of the couple’s journey as man and wife. What can be more beautiful than that? And don’t you think that the happy couple deserve the best?

Indian weddings are elaborate, meticulously planned and beautiful affairs. They do however come with their own share of unwanted, executional hazards which the planning side (normally the parents or loved ones of the groom and bride) are not equipped to deal with. This is why, we at Horizon W.I.E. come fully prepared to offer the happy couple and their parents the very best service, in keeping with the theme (we can even help you plan your theme if you don’t have one!)

Once you’ve chosen to go with our services, you just sit back and enjoy the preparing yourself for the big day. With us at the helm, all you have to do then, is just turn up in your finest and enjoy the evening.

A memorable wedding begins with the best possible venue. With us on board, you can be rest assured that the venue will be top notch. If you have a venue in mind, we will contact the people in charge and negotiate the rates with them, ensure the availability and do all the other legwork. If you don’t have a venue in mind, we will help you choose an idyllic one that will exceed your expectations!
We understand that decor can make or break the entire ambience of the wedding. It is therefore with great care and attention to detail, we plan, coordinate and execute the decoration, table settings, floral arrangements, ice sculptures, lighting, fireworks and other theme based arrangements to ensure that your wedding truly is a night you will never forget (and neither will your dear ones and guests).
Food and Beverage is an integral part of the celebration. We at Horizon come prepared to assist you with planning the menu for your occasion and with executing that plan. So whether it is the wedding cake, the welcome drink, starters and hors d’oeuvres or the buffet counter, we will have it all under control!
Whether you choose to go with a DJ or with a music artist, we will be with you all the way. We ensure that the music or performance go off without a hitch. We have links with some of the most entertaining and innovative artists and can coordinate with them, so they will shake a leg at your function and make it a night to remember!
A once-in-a-lifetime moment can be made even more memorable if it is held in a setting that is right out of the romantic imagination of the couple! This of course means a destination wedding. If a regular wedding was difficult to plan, you can imagine the logistical challenge it would be to transpose an entire wedding in a place you are unfamiliar with.
This is where our expertise will come in handy. We at Horizon will help you, plan, strategise and execute the entire event. Right from choosing the destination, identifying and negotiating hotel rates, packages and stays, to ensuring air tickets are booked and delivered, travel itineraries are made and circulated, and the guests are picked up and dropped off at the hotel. Of course we will also take care of the venue, ambience, F&B and music. Just like with a wedding we plan in your city, all you have to do is show up in your finest and enjoy the experience!